Call for Works: Grenzgänger in Music and Video

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[Grenzgänger is an ambiguous German term, meaning frontier runners or cross border commuters as well as crossover musicians or artists. It is about crossing borders physically, medially, aesthetically.]

Since the invention of film there have been attempts to connect it to the older time-art music. The expression „visual music“ tries to conceptualize these multi-faceted esthetic experiments. Outstanding examples which transfer musical thought to moving images and vice versa have emerged since the early 1920s. The competition described below understands itself in that tradition.

One weekend at the NOW! festival, conducted by the Institute for Computermusik and Electronic Media of Folkwang University of the Arts focusses on this topic with concerts, a Symposium and a


We are searching for works for video and electronics about this years topic of the NOW! Festival: „Grenzgänger“. This topic obviously comprises more than multimedia art. There are frontier runners in many respects. The works sought after may take that into account, but does not necessarily have to.

Duration: ca. 15 min.


Video: Single Channel Full HD (1920x1080px)up to max 3 Channels, each Full HD, frontal projection (5760x1080px)
Audio: Stereo up to 12 channels (not every positioning of speakers will be realizable, be prepared for compromises)


1. price 1500
2. price 1000,
3. price 500

The award-winning works will be presented in a concert at the Neue Aula of Folkwang University (Klemensborn 35, 45239 Essen, Germany) on October 28th. ICEM will pay travel costs inside Europe as well as accommodation in Essen Werden from October 27th to 29th, all fees for the symposium and other events of the NOW!-festival during this time. The winners are asked to give an introductory talk about their works during the symposium an October 28th.

Should it be necessary that parts of the work needs to be performed live, the composer has to take care for the live interpretation himself (musicians, instruments, fees, additional costs…)

Of course we’ll help as much as we can.

To be submitted:

    1. One single channel video with stereo sound.(For multi-channel works a single-channel/stereo reduction. For works with live-performances a recording/production)Ein Single Channel Video mit Stereo Sound (bei mehrkanaligen Werken eine entsprechende Reduktion, bei Werken mit Live Anteil ein Mitschnitt oder eine Produktion). This video must not contain any hint to the composer (filename, front titles, end titles, credits)
    2. A pure text file with the same name, extension „.txt“ (no WORD Documents, no RTF/PDF etc.) containing:
      • Name of the work
      • Name of the corresponding video file
      • Specification of the final format
      • Description of the Work with respect to the topic „Grenzgänger“
    3. Another Textfile named „Composer<name of videofile>.txt containing
      • Name of videofile
      • Name of composer(s)
      • Contact data (at least address and e-mail, phone if possible)

These files should be packed into a .zip archive and made available to via a service like WeTransfer or DropBox.

Participants will be notified after successfull download.


August 15th, .2017

Winners will be invited no later than september, 15th


Tasja Langenbach (Videonale Bonn)
Prof. Elke Seger (Folkwang University of the Arts),
Prof. Dietrich Hahne,(Folkwang UotA)