Kaspar Kuoppamäki gewinnt Giga-Hertz Preis 2023

Mit seinem Experimental-Pop Projekt ‘This Machine!’ gewinnt Kaspar Kuoppamäki in der Sparte Experimental Pop den GigaHerz Preis 2023.

©This Machine!, photo: Jaakko Taavila

Das ZKM schreibt dazu:

The prize supports artists from the field of experimental pop and club music whose pieces combine the more academic electronic music with contemporary trends in popular music. 

Raili, Emilia and Kaspar Kuoppamäki. The  trio draws inspiration from a wide variety of genres ranging from ambient to trip hop, club music and contemporary classical, they seek to create a unique style of etheral textures and hard-hitting beats. The songs are largely composed and produced simultaneously, putting sound design sound-design at the center of the composition process. Snippets of collected texts are combined with lyrics written for a specific song, coming together once the instrumental fundament is laid. Their hybrid sound of electronic and instrumental parts works as a metaphor for the encounter of synthetic and organic lifeforms. What happens to us when we are connected to the machine? How does it change us and how does it change our world for good and bad?

Rooted in pop culture but open to any kind of experimentation, be it sound-design, harmony or unconventional song structures, This Machine! creates music and videos which are at the same time inviting and emotionally immersive, but also intellectually stimulating and complex.